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Schrijvershuis Zuideinde


Heddes Bastgoed BV, Hoorn


Teerenstra Bouw BV, Uithoorn

Commencement | Completion

2002 | 2009

Floor Space

28 apartments, shops and parking garage 5800 m2

The building is situated in the center of Landsmeer on the main street. The ground level is publicly accessible by retail shops on all sides. Stairwells on either side of the building bring residents to an elevated courtyard by which all apartments are accessed. Rhytmic sectioning of the facades make the housing bays readable on a scale connected to the village. The exterior of the building is materialized in red brick, while the inner courtyard is softer with natural elements of wood cladding and ochre window-stills. A patinated tin roof crowns the building.


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