• Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park

Agritech Demonstration Park


Jinzhong Fengrunze


Commencement | Completion



4.5 ha

Floor Space

Landscape Parking 300 cars, Meeting Centre 5000 m2, Valley Hotel 3000 m2, Eco Restaurant 8000 m2, Wedding Centre 3000 m2


The valley’s unique dimen­sions, in addition to its visual and tac­tile changes with the sea­sons, leave dif­fer­ent impres­sions through­out the year. Most sur­pris­ing is the per­cep­tion of space; viewed from the top look­ing in, the val­ley adopts a sculp­tural quality. At ground level, within the val­ley, a new environment is expe­ri­enced, defined by earthen walls frame a natural ceiling. This connection to the green theme of the Agritech Park inspired us to develop the phi­los­o­phy:
“Landscape becomes building and building becomes landscape”


Divided in 3 parts:
A the production, leisure and education / communication activities.
B the relocation of the farmer villages.
C the Mars Experience.

The parts were chosen related to the typical form and location of the part in the length of the valley.

The Agritec Demonstration Park is defined around a green theme. The Greenhouses offer space for plant production, leisure and education. This, combined with the unexpected beauty of the valley, hidden from first glance, inspired our innovative idea to distinguish the Park from other developments in China and elsewhere in the world. Instead of the traditional archetypal buildings which rise to the sky and dominate the landscape, we see the opportunity created by nature to consider the valley already as a building. In an alliance with nature we design adaptations which house the special activities of the Park. In this way, nature and design work together and strengthen each other.

Landscape Parking

We were able to conceal the obstruction from parked vehicles by integrating the parking area into the advantageous natural landscape. The rows of park­ing spaces fol­low the slop­ing land­scape down to the val­ley floor. Green walls and per­go­las pro­vide phys­i­cal and visual shel­ter over the­ cars. The loca­tion of the park­ing is crucial to the success of the mas­ter­plan, and allows access to all of the Park’s ele­ments; directly link­ing the eco-restaurant, meet­ing cen­ter, growing-allotments and glasshouse pro­duc­tions.
There are small park­ing plots directly related to the indi­vid­ual Park ele­ments, which serve the dif­fer­ent func­tions. Bus park­ing is located behind the pro­duc­tion green houses so that peo­ple can be dropped at dif­fer­ent stops related to their intended activ­ity and be picked up for their departure.

Storage Dike

The idea of the Storage Dike is primarily to block out passing road traffic, provide an extensive storage facility and to act as a landscape feature.
Facing the future important road north of the production greenhouses, the Storage Dike becomes the entrance to the array of different buildings and activities behind, thus becoming a landscape gesture. The green image of the park is presented by the green Dike covered with flowers in the summer. Windmills on top generate sustainable energy. At the same time, the Dike is a building, in line with the the philosophical theme of the masterplan. It houses product storage for the greenhouses and includes necessary loading docks. The mass of the dike is perfect for stabilising the internal temperature. At this side of the Park the logistics for professional worktraffic are organised. The Glassdike section is for product inspection and represents the Park in its expression.
In front of the Meeting Centre, the Dike dissolves into small dikes creating a pattern of mini valleys, announcing the surprising beauty of the valley landscape. In the summer these contain different flowers; in the winter it is a snowy playground for the children.

Meeting Centre

People meet here to learn, to exchange, to grow. Part of the space is for demonstration purposes of agricultural products or techniques. Since this centre has a flexible division of space, many different activities can be housed in the building. Spaces can be small for groups of twelve people, or connected together so that large events can be housed. Related to the green theme of the Agritec Park, the spaces are connected by green patios which are covered with glass. These spaces can be dependant on peoples’ wishes, either becoming part of the space they are using or functioning as a closed-off semi-outdoor space.


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