Villa Nunsurakit I



Floor space

1500 m2


The building is divided into three compartments in the width of which the outer compartments include three floors and the inner compartment includes two floors. This difference in floor heights will create a split level where the floors meet.

At the same time there’s a division in three over the length. In these the light wells and services are organised.


The stairs are placed in the zoning in between the split levels. The stairs and their landings are part of the living space. Special features can be made in the large stairs connecting the living room with the private rooms like a platform for art, object or seating.


The build­ing has two cores in the centre of the private areas, these function as service areas. The most private areas will be placed in both ends of the building, while the representative functions like the living and dining room are placed in the middle of the building.

Guests have a separate bathroom and kitchen, to min­i­mise any incon­ve­nience. To separate the The circulation of the guests is separated from that of the family. They meet in the living and dining room in the middle of the house.


A sys­tem of shut­ters will be part of the exte­rior of this house. These shut­ters pro­vide pri­vacy where needed and they are able to con­trol the tem­per­a­ture inside. They can be moved man­u­ally to adapt to the time of the day and the posi­tion of the sun.


The division in three both ways is related to the wish of the client to prefab the steel construction in the Netherlands and ship it to Thailand. It will be built as a IFD system (Industrial, Flexible Demountable).



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