Villa Nunsurakit II



Commencement | Completion


Floor Space

240 m2



A system of shutters will be part of the exterior of this house. These shutters provide privacy where needed and they are able to control the temperature inside. They can be moved manually to adapt to the time of the day and the position of the sun.


The house is divided into three floors. The middle one will be a split-level. Through this level the the dining room and living room are connected.
This construction is also made on the top level of the villa, in the master bedroom.

The stairs

The main stairs are placed in the zone between the living room, on the second floor and the private rooms, on the third floor. Special features can be made in these large stairs. They are also the eye-catcher of the house.

The layout

The building consists of a core in the middle (used for toilet, bathroom etc.) and spaces on both sides. The core serves as a separation between private and public or guest areas, to be able to invite guests into the house, but to keep privacy.
Guests will have their own a bathroom and kitchen, to minimize any inconvenience. The spaces that are the most public of the entire house will be placed in the front of the building towards the street.


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