Town Houses



These six houses will be located where the two streets, Singelstraat and Weesperstraat, meet in a rounded corner. The site can be best described as a fin shaped one. The houses will be built facing the Singelstraat.

The different types of houses will be split in two parts. Four detached houses and one volume that contains two houses. The discontinuity in blocks, makes room for an alley that grants access to the backyard of this housing ensemble which is a shared space for the inhabitants.

The height difference between Weesperstraat and Singelstraat is brought into houses so that where needed in front of carparkings the residents can overlook the cars.

Each of the detached houses has a different character. Separate are the two in the shape of a former workshop, which relates to the past of this area where behind the houses along the Weesperstraat workspace and storage were quite common too.




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