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Town House




Akerbouw BV, Akersloot

Commencement | Completion

2005 | 2008

Floor Space

250 m2

In the design of the town house, the stairs are the orga­ni­zing component for light and function. The stairs run­ning par­al­lel to the length of the house from ground floor to first floor enhance the con­ti­nu­ity of the space, and con­nect the gar­den with the street level. The opposing stairs on the first floor and above then divide the home into two central spaces, creating a logical layout for the subsequent floors. The stairs also function as a source of natural lighting for the home, by allowing daylight to saturate the lower levels of the house with sunlight from the skylight room on the upper level. The sky­light room has large folded win­dows that can be rotated against the side walls. When the large sky­light is also open, an enclosed roof ter­race is cre­ated. The geom­e­try of the house encourages indi­vid­ual activities to occur simul­ta­ne­ously while maintaining a spa­tial con­nec­tion. The building offers high ceilings and allows an abundance of natural light to filter through the large windows.


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