The head of Java Island




The head of the Java island has always been a unique part of Amsterdam. It has been an ideal site for festivals, because of the open space and the setting. For most of the time though, it has just been an empty site with an exceptional view. In 2011, Pakhuis de Zwijger (a cultural platform) took the initiative to organize a workshop to come up with ideas for the site. The mayor of Amsterdam held a speech in which he discussed wether or not the head of Java island should be left to be developed by future generations. Bert Tjhie, head of TEKTON Architekten, came up with a concept which makes it possible for today’s generation to develop a site for Java island, while also giving future generations the opportunity to design a site of their own. His concept was chosen as best.

The idea is to take a piece out of the head of Java island, so that there’s room for a floating platform to sail into the opening. On it anything can be placed, from a zoo to an iconic building. This way, different generations will have a chance to change the platform into a site that meets their needs and dreams. The platform will become a theatre of concepts. Once in ten years, a new project can be sailed into the opening. After ten years it can be sold and replaced by another.


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