The Curve Hotel


S.D. Pandey Holding B.V.

Commencement | Completion


Floor Space

4.250 m2


The Curve is an existing office building situated in NDSM, a harbour area in the north of Amsterdam. NDSM is an upcoming neighbourhood and The Curve is surrounded by many creative companies such as Hema and MTV and is about to be converted for other uses.


The curve is shaped as an ellipse and the facade is made entirely of glass. The building resembles the chimneys on tug boats seen in the surrounding industrial port area.
The main idea for The Curve is that it will be transformed into a hotel. Because of the glass, the building is very transparent and not initially ideal for a hotel. By placing a sort of box inside the already existing structure, it will be possible to transform The Curve into a well functioning hotel.


The hotel distinguishes itself from other hotels, because of the odd floor plan. Instead of a big hall in the middle and rooms on either side of it, the hall will be on the outside of the rooms and will go around the perimeter of the building. Where you would normally enter a room in a hall with the bathroom on one of the sides, you will now step directly into the bedroom.
To create privacy and to protect the rooms from light, shutters will be placed before the windows in the rooms. These shutters will create a beautiful pattern of light in the evenings. When it’s dark outside, The Curve will become a magic lantern.


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