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Building Seedvalley


Yangling Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park Development and Construction Company Ltd



Commencement | Completion

2010 | current

Floor Space

575.335 m2

In Collaboration With


The character of the area as envisioned by AULa is kept in its original shape and is supported by interesting landscape features. This idea is founded in the notion of a seedvalley. In the valley the land moves and green and trees are everywhere.

In our plan for the seedpark the parcels and public green follow the logic of the height differences. The buildings have green balconies to go along with the landscape. The major landmark of the area is the seedbuilding.

The seedbuilding also gives expression to the movement of the landscapes by a pyramidal shape. The entrance is marked by an atrium in between the towers. The entrance of the valley is marked by a multicolored leave that symbolizes the progress in the seed industry.

AULa sees the seed park with the moving landscape and green elements as a valley, we also refer to Yangling Seed Valley as image as we all know about Silicon Valley. The Valley is a translation of the sloping landscape and the appearance of the main buildings. We think that a green character has to become manifest in plots of landscapes and buildings through the trees and plants that produce the seeds.

The residence towers are intended for families and workers of the Seedpark and its surroundings. The architecture has to fit in with the general style of the area but can be modest. These are functionally not the most important buildings in the area, yet considering their height they are very well visible from all around Yangling so these buildings serve as landmarks as well.


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