Rooftop Westerkaap



Floor Space:

20 m2


The existing rooftop additions are small boxes cladded with sink, that serve as an entrance to the roof terrace. The newly designed rooftop additions will be around 20 square meters and will serve as an extension of the house. They will be connected to the already existing structure by continuing the building method that has been used previously. When built, part of the roof terrace will stay intact.

Two projects

There are two projects for the additions, each for another residents of the building. The first addition will have sliding doors on each side, while the other has a big sliding door on one side. This last one also has a big window that can slide vertically, so people can enjoy the outside even when they are inside. This is to compensate for the space that has been taken from the roof terrace with the new, bigger addition.


The doors outside and inside smoothly go over into each other. The designs of the doors and windows are detailed as minimal as possible. This way the glass provides the best possible view all around the city. The doors and the windows are placed strategically in such a way that the privacy is maintained but the views are maximised.




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