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Huiye Group

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Floor Space

52.260 m2

The site is well connected to Nanjing city centre and contains a large area of green and open space. A former school area in a parklike setting is left and now being transformed into a quarter where creativity plays a major role.
The goal is to build a community that will consist of people from different generations; from the young to the elderly. This way, the inhabitants can benefit from each other and work together.
Currently the whole park is accessible to everyone. For the new quarter, we would like to develop an urban plan with semi public courtyards weaving through the private domain. Around the courtyards are mixed-use spaces and above these is elderly housing.

Urban layout

There are nine blocks, each with their own courtyard in the middle with a different theme, so that each housing block has its own distinct identity. There is a sculpture garden, a playground, a flower garden etc. While walking through these courtyards, it’s as if your walking through different rooms within the city.

Ground level plan

The street plan exists out of big roads and smaller paths. The roads are for vehicles to access each block and the paths are made for the residents to navigate through the courtyards on foot or by bicycle.
The ground levels of the blocks combine public services, flexible spaces and housing.

The upper levels

The upper levels of the nine blocks are for private housing and semi-private gathering spaces for residents. All apartments have views to the courtyard as well as the surrounding landscape. There will be different types of housing: assisted living and independent dwellings.


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