• Blok 13, Oostpoort Senior Housing
  • Blok 13, Oostpoort Senior Housing
  • Oostpoort Senior Housing

Senior Housing Oostpoort


Habion Ontwikkeling B.V.


Waal, Rotterdam

Commencement | Completion

2001 | 2015

Floor Space

15000 m2: woningen 122 + facility space + company related to health care

The Oost­poort Senior Hous­ing Com­plex is located in Oost­poort; a new neigh­bour­hood in the east of Ams­ter­dam near Muider­poort Sta­tion.
Oost­poort Senior Hous­ing pro­vides a wide range of care lev­els, that devi­ates from the tra­di­tional model for senior hous­ing. The project is focused on indi­vid­ual care require­ments, allow­ing res­i­dences the flex­i­bil­ity to per­son­al­ize their liv­ing expe­ri­ence based on their needs. There are three different kinds of care levels and the building is also divided into three sections to provide the best possible living environment for the different residents.
Each section has its own entrance. Different shared and open spaces in the building contribute to the interaction between the residents. There are cascading cantilevered balconies that provide the opportunity of interaction between residents as well as the occupants on the street. Another space that provides interaction, is the courtyard. The more private courtyard is not visible from the street and is easily accessible for everyone in the building.
The setting of this type of building in a vivacious part of the city is unique, so the residents are not isolated from the city life. Now they are still able to make use of all the different facilites in the area together with the other residents of the neighbourhood.

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