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Office Daalwijkdreef


Interselectbouw BV, Alkmaar


Teerenstra Bouw BV, Heiloo

Commencement | Completion

1998 | 2001

Floor Space

4.600 m2

The project is a part of the employment rejuvenation strat­egy of Bijlmer­meer. The vol­umes are sit­u­ated perpendicular to the avenue in order to maintain the view. The square that arises between the vol­umes is a spa­cial con­tin­u­a­tion of the offices and show­rooms through lower fronts. The dif­fer­ences in height that result from the uneven cross­ing of the Gooiseweg / Daal­wijk­dreef are continued into the first two lev­els. Stairs con­nect double-height show­rooms and com­mer­cial spaces with offices. Above the glass plinths are flex­i­ble office spaces behind robust, pre­fab­ri­cated con­crete facade ele­ments. The glass screen along the Gooiseweg dif­fuses the traf­fic noise, and shield the entrances.


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