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Gasfabriek Zaandam BV


Rabo Vastgoed BV, Haarlem
Giesbers Almere BV, Almere
Parteon Projectontwikkeling BV, Zaandam

Commencement | Completion

2006 | 2011

Floor Space

122 apartments, 13 commercial spaces and parking garage 19750m2

The NUON urban plan refers to the industrial history of the site, which included gas tanks, factories, and housing. Three main housing blocks were designed for the west side. The two towers, which not only recall the old gas tanks but also form a chain in the city, express the inner ring of Zaandam. The buildings between the towers are carefully fit to form an interesting public space. As a consequence, the public space at the foot of the towers is divided into sheltered zones and open views. The Zaankade is a public area and varies in spacial experience. Two town houses mark the end of the new plan.


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