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Penthouse Heiloo




Sjaak Jonker

Commencement | Completion


Floor Space

130 m2

In Collaboration With

Hernic Interieurbouw

In this renovation of a penthouse in Heiloo, the needs and budget of the client were the primary influences on the design. Working with a limited budget presented many challenges, therefore it was crucial to navigate the design and construction process as efficiently as possible, in order to maximize what could be achieved for the client. The goal for the Heiloo project was to design a space that catered specifically to the lives of the client, so that they could get the most from their space, and increase the functionality as it pertains to their daily routine. We wanted to emphasize the existing positive aspects of the space, like its high ceilings and abundance of natural light, while improving the overall quality of the space. The new plan uses clean lines and a simple design to contrast the addition of a series of focal elements, which are used to give the space a unique character. The design maximizes the available space and provides the client with a contemporary home that fulfills their needs with functionality and style.


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