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Factory BMI


Blok Mechanische industrie BV, Velsen Noord


Lokhorst BV, Beverwijk

Commencement | Completion

2000 – 2002

Floor Space

office and industry 3.500 m2

The Hoogoven site is a place where engi­neer­ing works have been built among many exist­ing and new build­ings. The Fac­tory BMI build­ing has a prominent main form, sit­u­ated along the route to the entry of the Hoogoven site. The vol­ume and mate­ri­al­ of the build­ing are restrained, and have a sim­ple expres­sion in con­trast to the great vari­ety of forms of the sur­round­ings. From the dark brick vol­ume of the office, a plinth con­nects the steel fac­tory hall. The facade of this hall is only opened at select locations where entries are nec­es­sary, the fac­tory doors, and the sides next to the raised crane lanes, are translu­cent; through which day­light pen­e­trates far into the fac­tory itself. The inte­rior of the offices are light and detailed with wood to give a nat­ural tone.


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