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Senior Housing Hofkamers


Woonzorg Nederland, Amsterdam


Commencement | Completion


Floor Space

160 elderly dwellings and care-facilities care housing, daycare and parking 25000m2

The assignment at Driehoven included the demolishing of an existing care-facility in multiple phases, as well as building a new care-facility with independent accommodations within reach.  The urban plan consists of a composition of U-shaped volumes orientated towards each other. The enclosed protected outside space is designed as thematic courtyards interconnected through a system of streets. A strong relation between public, collective, and private space is formed through zoning. Each courtyard is characterized by living and or a mix-use of care facilities and living. The omission of one of the volumes creates a central square for the neighbourhood that forms the heart of the scheme. The scheme is designed with sustainable principles, such as social environment, consciousness of energy, flexibility, and a firm structure.


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