Cruquius Silos



Commencement | Completion


Floor Space

1.650 m2


What used to be an industrial area, is now turning into a trendy new neighbourhood of Amsterdam: Cruquius. With this transformation, some historical buildings in the area will be maintained. Three of these historical objects are the silos. These silos are about to be converted for other uses.


Each silo will be given a theme. All the different themes combined, will enable people to relive the rich history of Cruquius. The first two will be about red and white wine, because the area of Cruquius was used to store wine in the past.
The third silo will be all about water. Amsterdam is famous for its tap water: you can drink clean water directly from the tap. Because of this, bottling water in Amsterdam has an environmental impact that is unnecessary for the area.
Aside from the stories that the silos tell, there will be different places around the silos where other products that used to be stored in Cruquius will be presented. Products like coffee, tea or cocoa.


It is not only a story but also an experience. The educational part will flow over into the recreational part. There will be given workshops on food and people can taste the products that were presented in and outside the silos. Next to the silos will be workspaces for creative companies that are linked to the food industry.


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