Cruquius Block



Floor Space

Cinema: 2.065 m2, Housing: 6.700 m2, Office 220 m2, Parking garage: 8.000 m2


The old wine terminal of the Cruquius district is turned into a restaurant, called The Harbour Club. This was one of the first changes in this area and the lots around The Harbour Club are about to be developed further by the company Amvest.


A building component of housing will be placed over the already existing Harbour Club by a large span construction, affecting the restaurant as little as possible. This part is shaped like a V to create optimal view to the water.


Underneath the buildings a parking garage is planned. A central entrance connects all the components of buildings. Above the entrance a cinema will be located. In this cinema the different auditoriums are layered above and next to each other. So it is a vertical cinema in which the foyers are connected by voids and staircases.


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