Bottelierplein 2




Teerenstra Bouw BV, Uithoorn

Commencement | Completion

1996 | 1999

Floor Space

350 m2

House Borneo is located on the corner of a row private houses. The lower part of the home contains a bed & breakfast and is extroverted, with views directed to the water and the square. This is emphasized by large sliding doors that open at the corners. The upper part of the home is introverted and directed tot the atrium above the stairs through which most of the light enters. Five meter high doors allow the atrium to be opened to the outside almost entirely. On the corners, the view is concentrated by a kind of aquarium-corner windows. The other openings offer light, air, and view on various heights of the rooms. Secondary organizational elements such as furniture and wardrobes divide the interior spaces. The facade is of blue-black bricks that have a dark sheen, especially when it rains.


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