Apartments Buiksloterham


Koopman International B.V.


HSB bouw

Commencement | Completion

2015 – 2016

Floor Space

360 m2


These apartments are part of a mixed use building. They are set in a wonderful location: on one side a wide canal with a lively view on the Amsterdam harbour, on the other side a spacious roof terrace from which you look back to the city centre. The high living room behind a glass curtain wall with a balcony, is on the canal side. Similarly, the high dining room/kitchen have access to the roof terrace. In the middle of the floor plan is a service block,the bedrooms, and a study with open connection to the living room. The mezzanine has a set back to leave the large windows free and allow for greater day light penetration. This results in a surprising void in the bedrooms.


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