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ANDRs / BSH Kavel 41




Commencement | Completion

2009 – 2014

Floor Space

Apartments of 72 m2, 145 m2, 218 m2, and 295 m2

In Col­lab­o­ra­tion With

GTP Vastgoed

ANDRs is located in the Buiksloterham area, north of the IJ river on the corner of Distelweg and Ridderspoorweg. The area has experienced an increased interest in the development of the residential sector of the neighborhood; with a large focus on live/work. This project will meet this demand, by providing a multi-use residential/commercial building, which will provide residents with the opportunity to integrate their professional and living spaces. The neighbourhood is centrally located in Amsterdam, and provides a wide range of amenities, with easy access to the ferry terminal and public transportation.

Live/Work at ANDRs

ANDRs is committed to providing spaces that can be entirely customizable to suit the needs of the inhabitant. The design is focused around flexible layouts and unit sizes that can adapt to the space requirements and financial constraints of the resident. Living Spaces are easily interchangeable with work environments, allowing residents the freedom to also customize their working spaces, which can even be accommodated on a separate level. The addition of a working element in the design can act to reduce daily city traffic, vehicle emissions, and unnecessarily lengthly commuting times for residents. There is also the possibility of incorporating additional functions, with the addition of short stay accommodation, as well as student living facilities. This will help satisfy the growing need for rental space near the city’s core.


The municipality has very strict requirements for energy consumption of all new developments. ANDRs not only meets, but exceeds these requirements; utilizing the latest in sustainable building technology. This approach requires a greater initial investment for construction, which will be recouped with a lower annual operation cost. This model directly benefits the resident by decreasing their annual expenses, in addition to creating a more comfortable living environment. The building utilizes an advanced heating and cooling system offered by AVI West,who have developed a complex heat recovery system that utilizes residual heat generated to fuel other functions in the building. This system, in addition to optimizing solar benefits, and incorporating PV cells to compensate for any additional power needs, has resulted in a EPC value under 0.4!


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