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closed competition


Commencement | Completion

Floor Space


Converting the fear for water (keeping it out) into the interaction with water (a play with)
With a small intervention, reinforce the existing icony value of the dike
Not add but insert
Experience the dike, a glass dike
Accommodation and restaurant in relation with water (insight, view, look through)
Factory hall as a large machine chamber
Experience the techniques: walk through, along and pass by different machines
Changing exhibitions of simply replaceable elaboration’s
The sun, wind, water and the flora stipulate the spatial structure


The building is self sustainable

Durable installation systems, interchangeable and replaceable 
Exhibition of new techniques by autarkic mock-ups (prototype or complete system) 
  sun: transparent photo voltaic cells / algae 
  wind: aeolian generators 
  water: turbine / osmosis 
  flora: aqua culture / algae
Concrete as an expression of the strength of the dike 
Steel and glass are entirely re-useable and could be (re)produced with sustainable energy

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