The head of Java Island




The head of the Java island has always been a unique part of Ams­ter­dam. It has been an ideal site for fes­ti­vals, because of the open space and the set­ting. For most of the time though, it has just been an empty site with an excep­tional view. In 2011, Pakhuis de Zwi­jger (a cul­tural plat­form) took the ini­tia­tive to orga­nize a work­shop to come up with ideas for the site. The mayor of Ams­ter­dam held a speech in which he dis­cussed wether or not the head of Java island should be left to be devel­oped by future gen­er­a­tions. Bert Tjhie, head of TEKTON Architek­ten, came up with a con­cept which makes it pos­si­ble for today’s gen­er­a­tion to develop a site for Java island, while also giv­ing future gen­er­a­tions the oppor­tu­nity to design a site of their own. His con­cept was cho­sen as best.

The idea is to take a piece out of the head of Java island, so that there’s room for a float­ing plat­form to sail into the open­ing. On it any­thing can be placed, from a zoo to an iconic build­ing. This way, dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions will have a chance to change the plat­form into a site that meets their needs and dreams. The plat­form will become a the­atre of con­cepts. Once in ten years, a new project can be sailed into the open­ing. After ten years it can be sold and replaced by another.


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