The Curve Hotel


S.D. Pandey Hold­ing B.V.

Com­mence­ment | Completion


Floor Space

4.250 m2


The Curve is an exist­ing office build­ing sit­u­ated in NDSM, a har­bour area in the north of Ams­ter­dam. NDSM is an upcom­ing neigh­bour­hood and The Curve is sur­rounded by many cre­ative com­pa­nies such as Hema and MTV and is about to be con­verted for other uses.


The curve is shaped as an ellipse and the facade is made entirely of glass. The build­ing resem­bles the chim­neys on tug boats seen in the sur­round­ing indus­trial port area.
The main idea for The Curve is that it will be trans­formed into a hotel. Because of the glass, the build­ing is very trans­par­ent and not ini­tially ideal for a hotel. By plac­ing a sort of box inside the already exist­ing struc­ture, it will be pos­si­ble to trans­form The Curve into a well func­tion­ing hotel.


The hotel dis­tin­guishes itself from other hotels, because of the odd floor plan. Instead of a big hall in the mid­dle and rooms on either side of it, the hall will be on the out­side of the rooms and will go around the perime­ter of the build­ing. Where you would nor­mally enter a room in a hall with the bath­room on one of the sides, you will now step directly into the bed­room.
To cre­ate pri­vacy and to pro­tect the rooms from light, shut­ters will be placed before the win­dows in the rooms. These shut­ters will cre­ate a beau­ti­ful pat­tern of light in the evenings. When it’s dark out­side, The Curve will become a magic lantern.


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