Rooftop Westerkaap



Floor Space:

20 m2


The exist­ing rooftop addi­tions are small boxes cladded with sink, that serve as an entrance to the roof ter­race. The newly designed rooftop addi­tions will be around 20 square meters and will serve as an exten­sion of the house. They will be con­nected to the already exist­ing struc­ture by con­tin­u­ing the build­ing method that has been used pre­vi­ously. When built, part of the roof ter­race will stay intact.

Two projects

There are two projects for the addi­tions, each for another res­i­dents of the build­ing. The first addi­tion will have slid­ing doors on each side, while the other has a big slid­ing door on one side. This last one also has a big win­dow that can slide ver­ti­cally, so peo­ple can enjoy the out­side even when they are inside. This is to com­pen­sate for the space that has been taken from the roof ter­race with the new, big­ger addition.


The doors out­side and inside smoothly go over into each other. The designs of the doors and win­dows are detailed as min­i­mal as pos­si­ble. This way the glass pro­vides the best pos­si­ble view all around the city. The doors and the win­dows are placed strate­gi­cally in such a way that the pri­vacy is main­tained but the views are maximised.




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