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Floor Space

52.260 m2

The site is well con­nected to Nan­jing city cen­tre and con­tains a large area of green and open space. A for­mer school area in a park­like set­ting is left and now being trans­formed into a quar­ter where cre­ativ­ity plays a major role.
The goal is to build a com­mu­nity that will con­sist of peo­ple from dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions; from the young to the elderly. This way, the inhab­i­tants can ben­e­fit from each other and work together.
Cur­rently the whole park is acces­si­ble to every­one. For the new quar­ter, we would like to develop an urban plan with semi pub­lic court­yards weav­ing through the pri­vate domain. Around the court­yards are mixed-use spaces and above these is elderly housing.

Urban lay­out

There are nine blocks, each with their own court­yard in the mid­dle with a dif­fer­ent theme, so that each hous­ing block has its own dis­tinct iden­tity. There is a sculp­ture gar­den, a play­ground, a flower gar­den etc. While walk­ing through these court­yards, it’s as if your walk­ing through dif­fer­ent rooms within the city.

Ground level plan

The street plan exists out of big roads and smaller paths. The roads are for vehi­cles to access each block and the paths are made for the res­i­dents to nav­i­gate through the court­yards on foot or by bicy­cle.
The ground lev­els of the blocks com­bine pub­lic ser­vices, flex­i­ble spaces and housing.

The upper levels

The upper lev­els of the nine blocks are for pri­vate hous­ing and semi-private gath­er­ing spaces for res­i­dents. All apart­ments have views to the court­yard as well as the sur­round­ing land­scape. There will be dif­fer­ent types of hous­ing: assisted liv­ing and inde­pen­dent dwellings.


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