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Gas­fab­riek Zaan­dam BV


Rabo Vast­goed BV, Haar­lem
Gies­bers Almere BV, Almere
Par­teon Pro­jec­ton­twik­kel­ing BV, Zaan­dam

Com­mence­ment | Completion

2006 | 2011

Floor Space

122 apart­ments, 13 com­mer­cial spaces and park­ing garage 19750m2

The NUON urban plan refers to the indus­trial his­tory of the site, which included gas tanks, fac­to­ries, and hous­ing. Three main hous­ing blocks were designed for the west side. The two tow­ers, which not only recall the old gas tanks but also form a chain in the city, express the inner ring of Zaan­dam. The build­ings between the tow­ers are care­fully fit to form an inter­est­ing pub­lic space. As a con­se­quence, the pub­lic space at the foot of the tow­ers is divided into shel­tered zones and open views. The Zaankade is a pub­lic area and varies in spa­cial expe­ri­ence. Two town houses mark the end of the new plan.


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