Won­ing­be­heer Renkum, Renkum NL


Ger­rit­sen Bouw­groep BV, Renkum NL

Com­mence­ment | Completion

1996 — 2000

Floor Space

122 houses
14.600 m2

The spe­cific con­di­tions of Keet­wo­nen NL included mak­ing use of a tem­po­rary site on a con­densed sched­ule. Our response was to make use of exist­ing mate­ri­als that are read­ily avail­able; i.e., ship­ping con­tain­ers. As the ship­ping con­tainer is already a self-contained struc­ture with a built-in capa­bil­ity for stack­ing, it is an ideal basis for tem­po­rary stu­dent hous­ing. By intro­duc­ing day­light through large win­dows, the con­tain­ers are trans­formed into liv­able spaces.


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