Innovation & Technology Park


Jiangsu Tian­rong Group

Floor space

70.000 m2

The Jiangsu Tian­rong Group is an advanced com­pany in the agri­cul­tural sec­tor. The area that has been cho­sen as loca­tion for the com­pany lays out­side the city of Nan­jing and is trans­form­ing from an indus­trial site to a ser­vice related area.

AULa has devised a plan design with expres­sive archi­tec­ture and a func­tional lay­out. At the same time the plan reaches out to the future, because it is a step towards a city pat­tern. In the mod­els the area is not just an open field with sep­a­rate build­ings, but a com­po­si­tion of land­scape and urban space.

Model 1

All build­ings have an open and invit­ing char­ac­ter for the streets around. The entrances of the tow­ers on the edges of the area are transparant and rep­re­sen­ta­tive for the com­pa­nies that are active there. The build­ing in the mid­dle serves as a place for expo­si­tions, con­fer­ences, restau­rants and other ser­vices. All the build­ings have a green roof. The roofs are acces­si­ble for the peo­ple who work in the area. There are pub­lic as well as inti­mate spaces in the plan. If you fol­low the façades of the build­ings you’ll find a more inti­mate street in the curved spaces, while there are main streets on the other side of the façade.

Model 2

This build­ing block is carved out at the inside to form a val­ley. The street side of the build­ings is very open. You can walk under the arcades along the invit­ing glass façades of each build­ing. Here you can enter dif­fer­ent facil­i­ties such as restau­rants, cafes and other ser­vices. This forms a lively scene. At the inward side the build­ings step out with green ter­races towards a green deck. Here are the entrances for the offices. The two-level park­ing garage is sit­u­ated in the mid­dle of the deck. The green deck is acces­si­ble from dif­fer­ent sides so every­one can visit.

Model 3

In this design, the area looks and func­tions like a small city. The plan con­sists out of dif­fer­ent build­ing blocks that are con­nected through streets and squares. There will be lim­ited car traf­fic and it will mainly be an urban pedes­trian area. The square in the mid­dle of the east side is the pub­lic place around which facil­i­ties are gath­ered. Each block con­tains four dif­fer­ent build­ings with in the mid­dle a court­yard. Com­pa­nies can com­pose a floor­plan and a vol­ume accord­ing to their needs. It is even pos­si­ble to use a com­plete build­ing or make a com­bi­na­tion of more build­ings con­nected by bridges. This way com­pa­nies of diverse scale can set­tle here.



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