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Senior Housing Hofkamers


Woon­zorg Ned­er­land, Amsterdam



Com­mence­ment | Completion


Floor Space

160 elderly dwellings and care-facilities care hous­ing, day­care and park­ing 25000m2

The assign­ment at Driehoven included the demol­ish­ing of an exist­ing care-facility in mul­ti­ple phases, as well as build­ing a new care-facility with inde­pen­dent accom­mo­da­tions within reach.  The urban plan con­sists of a com­po­si­tion of U-shaped vol­umes ori­en­tated towards each other. The enclosed pro­tected out­side space is designed as the­matic court­yards inter­con­nected through a sys­tem of streets. A strong rela­tion between pub­lic, col­lec­tive, and pri­vate space is formed through zon­ing. Each court­yard is char­ac­ter­ized by liv­ing and or a mix-use of care facil­i­ties and liv­ing. The omis­sion of one of the vol­umes cre­ates a cen­tral square for the neigh­bour­hood that forms the heart of the scheme. The scheme is designed with sus­tain­able prin­ci­ples, such as social envi­ron­ment, con­scious­ness of energy, flex­i­bil­ity, and a firm structure.


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