Cruquius Block



Floor Space

Cin­ema: 2.065 m2, Hous­ing: 6.700 m2, Office 220 m2, Park­ing garage: 8.000 m2


The old wine ter­mi­nal of the Cruquius dis­trict is turned into a restau­rant, called The Har­bour Club. This was one of the first changes in this area and the lots around The Har­bour Club are about to be devel­oped fur­ther by the com­pany Amvest.


A build­ing com­po­nent of hous­ing will be placed over the already exist­ing Har­bour Club by a large span con­struc­tion, affect­ing the restau­rant as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. This part is shaped like a V to cre­ate opti­mal view to the water.


Under­neath the build­ings a park­ing garage is planned. A cen­tral entrance con­nects all the com­po­nents of build­ings. Above the entrance a cin­ema will be located. In this cin­ema the dif­fer­ent audi­to­ri­ums are lay­ered above and next to each other. So it is a ver­ti­cal cin­ema in which the foy­ers are con­nected by voids and staircases.


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