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  • China Cultural Centre

China Cultural Centre

Chi­nese Onderne­mens Vereng­ing Ams­ter­dam
Woo Investe­ment Group
Chi­nese Raio & Tele­visie (CRTV)
Com­mence­ment | Com­ple­tion
Floor Space
mixed use and park­ing garage 3.000 m2

For the China Cul­tural Cen­tre project, a study is made about the actual poten­tial of the area. At the same time a scheme is devel­oped for the over­all image and exten­sion of the area bor­der­ing Chi­na­town, with cul­tural pro­gram and a vast park­ing garage. This exten­sion is for the pointed cul­tural and eco­nom­i­cal improve­ment of one of the old­est parts of the inner-city of Ams­ter­dam. The Chi­nese com­mu­nity want to imple­ment a Cul­tural Cen­tre to accom­mo­date a wide spec­trum of con­tem­po­rary Chi­nese cul­ture and art.


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