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Schrijvershuis Zuideinde


Hed­des Bast­goed BV, Hoorn


Teeren­stra Bouw BV, Uithoorn

Com­mence­ment | Completion

2002 | 2009

Floor Space

28 apart­ments, shops and park­ing garage 5800 m2

The build­ing is sit­u­ated in the cen­ter of Landsmeer on the main street. The ground level is pub­licly acces­si­ble by retail shops on all sides. Stair­wells on either side of the build­ing bring res­i­dents to an ele­vated court­yard by which all apart­ments are accessed. Rhyt­mic sec­tion­ing of the facades make the hous­ing bays read­able on a scale con­nected to the vil­lage. The exte­rior of the build­ing is mate­ri­al­ized in red brick, while the inner court­yard is softer with nat­ural ele­ments of wood cladding and ochre window-stills. A pati­nated tin roof crowns the building.


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