• Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park
  • Agritech Demonstration Park

Agritech Demonstration Park


Jinzhong Fen­grunze



Com­mence­ment | Completion



4.5 ha

Floor Space

Land­scape Park­ing 300 cars, Meet­ing Cen­tre 5000 m2, Val­ley Hotel 3000 m2, Eco Restau­rant 8000 m2, Wed­ding Cen­tre 3000 m2


The valley’s unique dimen­sions, in addi­tion to its visual and tac­tile changes with the sea­sons, leave dif­fer­ent impres­sions through­out the year. Most sur­pris­ing is the per­cep­tion of space; viewed from the top look­ing in, the val­ley adopts a sculp­tural qual­ity. At ground level, within the val­ley, a new envi­ron­ment is expe­ri­enced, defined by earthen walls frame a nat­ural ceil­ing. This con­nec­tion to the green theme of the Agritech Park inspired us to develop the phi­los­o­phy:
“Land­scape becomes build­ing and build­ing becomes landscape”


Divided in 3 parts:
A the pro­duc­tion, leisure and edu­ca­tion / com­mu­ni­ca­tion activ­i­ties.
B the relo­ca­tion of the farmer vil­lages.
C the Mars Experience.

The parts were cho­sen related to the typ­i­cal form and loca­tion of the part in the length of the valley.

The Agritec Demon­stra­tion Park is defined around a green theme. The Green­houses offer space for plant pro­duc­tion, leisure and edu­ca­tion. This, com­bined with the unex­pected beauty of the val­ley, hid­den from first glance, inspired our inno­v­a­tive idea to dis­tin­guish the Park from other devel­op­ments in China and else­where in the world. Instead of the tra­di­tional arche­typal build­ings which rise to the sky and dom­i­nate the land­scape, we see the oppor­tu­nity cre­ated by nature to con­sider the val­ley already as a build­ing. In an alliance with nature we design adap­ta­tions which house the spe­cial activ­i­ties of the Park. In this way, nature and design work together and strengthen each other.

Land­scape Parking

We were able to con­ceal the obstruc­tion from parked vehi­cles by inte­grat­ing the park­ing area into the advan­ta­geous nat­ural land­scape. The rows of park­ing spaces fol­low the slop­ing land­scape down to the val­ley floor. Green walls and per­go­las pro­vide phys­i­cal and visual shel­ter over the­ cars. The loca­tion of the park­ing is cru­cial to the suc­cess of the mas­ter­plan, and allows access to all of the Park’s ele­ments; directly link­ing the eco-restaurant, meet­ing cen­ter, growing-allotments and glasshouse pro­duc­tions.
There are small park­ing plots directly related to the indi­vid­ual Park ele­ments, which serve the dif­fer­ent func­tions. Bus park­ing is located behind the pro­duc­tion green houses so that peo­ple can be dropped at dif­fer­ent stops related to their intended activ­ity and be picked up for their departure.

Stor­age Dike

The idea of the Stor­age Dike is pri­mar­ily to block out pass­ing road traf­fic, pro­vide an exten­sive stor­age facil­ity and to act as a land­scape fea­ture.
Fac­ing the future impor­tant road north of the pro­duc­tion green­houses, the Stor­age Dike becomes the entrance to the array of dif­fer­ent build­ings and activ­i­ties behind, thus becom­ing a land­scape ges­ture. The green image of the park is pre­sented by the green Dike cov­ered with flow­ers in the sum­mer. Wind­mills on top gen­er­ate sus­tain­able energy. At the same time, the Dike is a build­ing, in line with the the philo­soph­i­cal theme of the mas­ter­plan. It houses prod­uct stor­age for the green­houses and includes nec­es­sary load­ing docks. The mass of the dike is per­fect for sta­bil­is­ing the inter­nal tem­per­a­ture. At this side of the Park the logis­tics for pro­fes­sional work­traf­fic are organ­ised. The Glass­dike sec­tion is for prod­uct inspec­tion and rep­re­sents the Park in its expres­sion.
In front of the Meet­ing Cen­tre, the Dike dis­solves into small dikes cre­at­ing a pat­tern of mini val­leys, announc­ing the sur­pris­ing beauty of the val­ley land­scape. In the sum­mer these con­tain dif­fer­ent flow­ers; in the win­ter it is a snowy play­ground for the children.

Meet­ing Centre

Peo­ple meet here to learn, to exchange, to grow. Part of the space is for demon­stra­tion pur­poses of agri­cul­tural prod­ucts or tech­niques. Since this cen­tre has a flex­i­ble divi­sion of space, many dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties can be housed in the build­ing. Spaces can be small for groups of twelve peo­ple, or con­nected together so that large events can be housed. Related to the green theme of the Agritec Park, the spaces are con­nected by green patios which are cov­ered with glass. These spaces can be depen­dant on peo­ples’ wishes, either becom­ing part of the space they are using or func­tion­ing as a closed-off semi-outdoor space.


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