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Office Pettemerstraat


Reek Pro­jec­ton­twik­kel­ing BV, Alkmaar


Reek Bouw BV, Alkmaar

Com­mence­ment | Completion

1998 | 2000

Floor Space

510 m2

Sep­a­rate from the neigh­bor­ing indus­trial build­ings, a sculp­tural office build­ing has been devel­oped on the Pet­te­mer­straat, Alk­maar. The main vol­ume is lifted above a trans­par­ent plinth at the street level of the facade. The glass wraps around at a height deter­mined by the scale of the build­ings on the adjoin­ing street. At the cor­ner, the glass becomes double-height, and folds inside to form the entrance. The design of the office build­ing antic­i­pates the future devel­op­ment and increas­ing value of this indus­trial area.


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