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Delta roA BV, Ams­ter­dam
Smit’s Bouw bedrijf BV, Beverwijk



Com­mence­ment | Completion


Floor Space

250 houses, com­mu­nal space and park­ing garage 36.000m2

Mul­tat­uli­tower, this urban land­mark com­bines mul­ti­ple pro­grams into hybrid space. Liv­ing and work­ing are inte­grated through tran­si­tions from pri­vate to pub­lic. The tower is not an autonomous, single-use object, but raher a build­ing that can accom­mo­date diverse func­tions. As such a tall build­ing is visu­ally acces­si­ble from far away, it is impor­tant that the tower inter­faces with its sur­round­ings. The tower is there­fore observed dif­fer­ently from each direc­tion, and the sur­face struc­ture becomes more refined the closer one comes.


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