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Huierkang Town


Xia­men Huierkang food co. Ltd



Com­mence­ment | Completion


Floor Space

228.000 m2

A cam­pus for qual­ity, healthy living.

The Chi­nese milk and grain pro­ducer Huierkang approached us for the design of a research cam­pus mas­ter­plan in Tong’an, China. Our con­cept focused on the acces­si­bil­ity of fresh, high qual­ity foods com­bined with the facil­i­ties needed to main­tain a healthy lifestyle. The total plot mea­sures 110,000 m2. Fifty per­cent of the plan con­sists of Chi­nese SoHos which are the tra­di­tional com­bi­na­tion of homes and shops. The remain­ing per­cent­age is divide evenly between offices, retail, leisure, health and entertainment.

The cam­pus will become a place where peo­ple can learn about hon­est, healthy food choices and pur­chase prod­ucts related to gen­eral well-being. The orga­ni­za­tion of the plan can be seen as a net­work of exchanges. It is an envi­ron­ment where liv­ing, work­ing, leisure and research can develop simul­ta­ne­ously. By keep­ing the build­ing heights less than six storeys we can pro­mote high den­sity areas which feel com­fort­able and lively most times of the day, stim­u­late inter­ac­tion, and entice com­pa­nies from dif­fer­ent indus­tries to invest in the Food Campus.

Our design avoids the com­mon prac­tice of build­ing a tall vol­ume sur­rounded by under-appreciated open space. We saw it fun­da­men­tal to main­tain the human scale in such a large devel­op­ment. There­fore we strength­ened the con­nec­tion between the build­ings and the pub­lic spaces. This meant giv­ing spe­cial atten­tion to green­ery and mul­ti­func­tional pub­lic spaces. For exam­ple, the sec­ond model has a track that divides the vil­lage cen­ter from the ‘sub­urbs’ which also serves as a green park and exer­cise path. Another dri­ving force has been our phi­los­o­phy that Build­ing becomes Land­scape, and Land­scape becomes Build­ing. This can be seen in the third model where we ele­vated the land­scape and gen­tly tucked the building’s mass under­neath. We designed a bal­anced plan that can be eas­ily phased in con­struc­tion, responds to its sur­round­ings, and adapts to future change.

In order to guide our client through future devel­op­ment strate­gies we devised three dis­tinct mod­els, each with their own iden­tity. These mod­els incor­po­rated inher­ent con­cepts of pat­terns found in nature.

Model 1: Rip­ples through a pond. In this iter­a­tion the large func­tions such as the hotel or mar­ket places rep­re­sent large stones thrown into a body of water. The SoHos are then devel­oped con­cen­tri­cally around these nodes. Inbe­tween these lay an attrac­tive, quiet park rip­ple for the inhab­i­tants. There is a clear route mean­der­ing through the plan designed for vis­i­tors and cir­cu­la­tion. One of its main fea­tures is the inte­gra­tion of green pub­lic spaces and adaptability.

Model 2: Diver­sity in a cel­lu­lar grid. Like an organ­ism the cen­ter of this model has a lively nucleus where all the func­tions are con­cen­trated. The perime­ter of the nucleus is lined with an exer­cise track and green park. On the out­side of these is an opened grid pat­tern that houses the SoHos. The plan feels like a small vil­lage were peo­ple can live in peace while being a short dis­tance from an attrac­tive lively core. The nucleus will uti­lize low build­ing heights to enhance the human scale and approach­a­bil­ity of the spaces.

Model 3: Growth in yeast pat­terns. The final iter­a­tion is the most extrav­a­gant of the set. The land­scape becomes a green roof for the build­ings as its ele­va­tion climbs and falls over the plot. Func­tions appear in large craters removed from the roof plain, with a large val­ley bisect­ing the plan. The val­ley will host activ­i­ties and pub­lic spaces, while the SoHos rest under­neath of the green roofs. Peace, recre­ation, and tran­quil­ity can be found on the raised land­scape and com­mer­cial and liv­ing needs can be found below. This plan is very rec­og­niz­able and could become a land­mark for Huierkang and Tong’an.

Our client chose the sec­ond model due to their phi­los­o­phy on sell­ing and mar­ket­ing qual­ity, fresh food as well as pro­mot­ing a healthy life style. The feel­ing of liv­ing in a vil­lage with a strong core of activ­ity fit very well with their pro­jected busi­ness model. AULa will gladly con­tinue our col­lab­o­ra­tion with Huierkang.



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