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closed com­pe­ti­tion



Com­mence­ment | Completion


Floor Space



Con­vert­ing the fear for water (keep­ing it out) into the inter­ac­tion with water (a play with)
With a small inter­ven­tion, rein­force the exist­ing icony value of the dike
Not add but insert
Expe­ri­ence the dike, a glass dike
Accom­mo­da­tion and restau­rant in rela­tion with water (insight, view, look through)
Fac­tory hall as a large machine cham­ber
Expe­ri­ence the tech­niques: walk through, along and pass by dif­fer­ent machines
Chang­ing exhi­bi­tions of sim­ply replace­able elaboration’s
The sun, wind, water and the flora stip­u­late the spa­tial structure


The build­ing is self sustainable

Durable instal­la­tion sys­tems, inter­change­able and replaceable 
Exhi­bi­tion of new tech­niques by autar­kic mock-ups (pro­to­type or com­plete system) 
  sun: trans­par­ent photo voltaic cells / algae 
  wind: aeo­lian generators 
  water: tur­bine / osmosis 
  flora: aqua cul­ture / algae
Con­crete as an expres­sion of the strength of the dike 
Steel and glass are entirely re-useable and could be (re)produced with sus­tain­able energy

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